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The Pretty Healthy Food Cookbook [FREE E-BOOK]

The Pretty Healthy Food Cookbook [FREE E-BOOK]

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Cooking for me is a pretty amazing experience. It is a place where I find that I need to focus on the moment to make something that someone in my house may enjoy. The struggle is as I age, my midsection doesn't love all the "fun" foods as much. So I had to create a strategy to make "healthier" food acceptable and enjoyable.

The approach is simple. What are some of my favorite dishes? For example, General Tso's is what I order 100% of the time with Chinese takeout. How can I make it, enjoy the flavors, and minimize the impact on my waistline? Grill the chicken. Is it as amazing as its fried counterpart? No. Is it close? Most definitely!

Instead of creating a whole new meal plan, how can I (or you) take foods you love, make a simple change, and enjoy a more healthy-based option.- Deven Dehnel

Pretty Healthy Food Cookbook is a FREE digital download that includes recipes and detailed how-to videos.

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